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Ryan Reynolds had ‘worst’ experience shooting for ‘Buried’

Ryan Reynolds had 'worst' experience shooting for 'Buried'

London, Aug 20, Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds says he had the worst experience ever while shooting for his new, low-budget thriller “Buried” as he had to spend 14 days locked in a seven-foot-long, wooden coffin-like box.

The actor plays a US truck driver who is kidnapped in Iraq and buried alive with only a cellphone and a torch for company. He spent two weeks rolling around in the dirt and sand underground in Barcelona, Spain, where the movie was shot, reports dailystar.co.uk.

He admits the shoot left him unable to sleep and desperate for a holiday with his wife Scarlett Johansson.

“I never slept, and it was a real problem. I was just so wound up. I was totally alone out there. Very few crewmembers spoke English and coming home at the end of each day was kind of a lonely, anxiety-ridden experience,” said Reynolds.

“I’d planned a vacation about six months beforehand to leave from the set and join my wife on this sandy beach, but there was so much sand in the box. I realised the last place I wanted to go afterward was a place filled with sand. I’ve never been happier to finish a movie. I will never complain on a film set again,” he added.

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