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Russell Crowe hates being a celebrity

London, Nov 20 (IANS) Hollywood actor Russell Crowe has revealed he hates celebrity culture and considers it an ‘unfortunate byproduct’ of his acting career.

The star who is married to singer-and-actress Danielle Spencer has no interest in being famous and thinks society’s obsession with people in the public eye is detrimental to the movie-making industry.

‘Some people believe celebrity is a power that should be used. Ultimately, your dollars are more powerful. I’m famous for making movies. Celebrity just happens to be an unfortunate byproduct of what I do. Whatever used to be called mystery, you’re not allowed to have that anymore,’ contactmusic.com quoted him as saying.

‘So there’s a whole bunch of blank space that’s filled in with stuff that fills up pages of newspapers. Which is not real, and you know it’s not real, and I know it’s not real. And readers don’t really care because that’s what they’re interested in.’

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