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PETA invites Gaga to explain her ‘meat dress’

PETA invites Gaga to explain her 'meat dress'

London, Oct 1 : Pop star Lady Gaga, who wore a meat dress at the MTV Video Music Awards, has been invited for dinner by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) President Ingrid Newkirk for an explanation about her controversial dress.

The animal rights group has been critical of Gaga’s fleshy fashion choice and they’re unclear as to the idea behind the dress, which was made from real hides.

“Ingrid did send Lady Gaga a private letter inviting her to a vegan dinner. We know her to be a kind person from her previous anti-fur statements, and we hope that she takes Ms. Newkirk up on the offer,” contactmusic.com quoted a spokesperson from PETA as saying.

Gaga had earlier explained that she donned the gown, which came with a “beef clutch” and a headpiece, to make the point that she’s not “a piece of meat”.

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