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Perry pleases Brand with bedroom magic tricks

London, Dec 23 (IANS) Pop star Katy Perry says she has secret ‘magic tricks’ to please her husband Russell Brand.

The ‘Firework’ hitmaker married renowned womaniser Russell Brand in October and says she always makes an effort for her spouse.

‘I have secrets and magic tricks, of course. I can’t share them because then you’d all know. But let’s just say I’m not shy. And I never wear sweats. Ever,’ contactmusic.com quoted her as saying.

She also plans her schedule carefully so she and Russell can spend quality time together away from the pressures of their working commitments.

‘I also make sure we have time. We’re both busy but this is a huge part of my life. I call the shots on my schedule. I put in breaks. There are weekends for Russ and weekends for me and my friends. Neither of us ever wants to lose ourself or the other in fame,’ she said.

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