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No wedding gifts for Russell, Katy

No wedding gifts for Russell, Katy

London, Oct 5, British comedian Russell Brand and fiancee singer Katy Perry, who are expected to marry in India later this month, have asked their guests not to buy them wedding gifts.

The two say that if they will receive any money, they will donate it to the charity.

“Katy has got a good job and I’ve got a good job, it seems indulgent to ask for more things, so we’re going to do something more worthwhile and humane with any money that people want to give us,” femalefirst.co.uk quoted Brand as saying.

The British funnyman says his wedding will be “mundane”.

“It will just be like a normal one. It will have a first dance, it will have all things, like anything else. It’s no more interesting or no less spectacular than any marriage of anybody, so it’s very beautiful and incredible and wonderful but it’s also utterly mundane,” he said.

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