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Ne-Yo spotted Justin Bieber’s talent years ago

London, Nov 7 (IANS) R&B star Ne-Yo has revealed that he had spotted Justin Bieber’s talent even before the teen sensation was introduced into the music world by rival Usher.

‘Justin did a cover of one of my songs on YouTube, which created a buzz. He came to a show and performed and was incredible then, but I didn’t do anything because he was just 11-year-old,’ thesun.co.uk quoted Ne-Yo as saying.

Four years later Bieber auditioned for Usher and was signed up by the label Island Def Jam.

‘I’ve no regrets, things happen for a reason. He wasn’t supposed to be signed to me. Usher has done good – where he is now is where he’s meant to be,’ Ne-Yo said.

The singer believes that Bieber is going to be an even bigger rage in the future.

‘I still feel like he’s figuring out things, once he gets some tangible records he’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Ten years from now no one will be singing ‘Baby’, it’s good but not very memorable,’ he said.

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