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McCartney surprises Clinton on birthday

McCartney surprises Clinton on birthday

London, Aug 22: Former US president Bill Clinton was treated to a musical surprise on his 64th birthday as Paul McCartney called him up to serenade him.

The Democrat was delighted after picking up the phone to hear the former Beatle on the line Thursday, reports mirror.co.uk.

And he was stunned when McCartney began an impromptu rendition of the Beatles’ 1967 love song, “When I’m Sixty-Four”.

“Sir Paul knows Bill is a huge fan of the Fab Four and instantly agreed to ring him. Well, it’s not every day you can get on the line to a former president. But Bill was even more over the moon when he heard him – and couldn’t believe it when he started singing ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’,” said a source.

“Bill’s been a fan his whole life. He loves Macca’s solo stuff, too. So they chatted for ages,” the source added.

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