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Lohan’s legal team wants tanning spray lawsuit dismissed

Lohan's legal team wants tanning spray lawsuit dismissed

London, Sep 29, Actress Lindsay Lohan’s lawyers have appealed to a Florida judge to dismiss a lawsuit accusing the actress of stealing the formula for her tanning spray Sevin Nyne, insisting she has “no involvement” in the making of the bronzer.

Lohan launched Sevin Nyne last year after reportedly spending three years developing the product alongside entrepreneur Lorit Simon for the chemist’s company Lorit.

A suit was filed against Simon and Lohan last year by Florida-based executives, who claimed the two copied their formula for the spray tan after one of its chemists showed them samples of their creations months before.

Now Lohan claims she was just the face of the brand.

“Although I have been a spokesperson for Lorit, LLC, and its Sevin Nyne product, I had no involvement in where or how the Sevin Nyne product is marketed and sold or in the marketing strategy for the product,” contactmusic.com quoted her as saying.

Lohan’s lawyers want the case dismissed because the Florida court has no jurisdiction over the star, who lives primarily in Los Angeles.

“Although I occasionally visit Florida for pleasure, I have never had any acting jobs in Florida,” she said.

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