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Lohan to undergo psychotherapy

Lohan to undergo psychotherapy

New York, Aug 26; Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to undergo drug treatment and psychotherapy following her release from inpatient rehab.

Judge Elden Fox has ruled that Lohan must submit to random drug and alcohol testing twice a week as well as attend two behavioural therapy sessions weekly.

She must also have seven contacts per week with a counsellor for chemical dependency issues and attend 12-step chemical dependency sessions five times a week. In addition, she must attend four psychotherapy sessions every week, reports people.com.

Her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley said, “This is a new beginning for Lindsay Lohan.”

Chapman added she was released early from rehab because her doctors found it was “completely unnecessary and that it was in her own best interest to move her to outpatient treatment”.

The judge has also dropped two drug counts in the “Mean Girls” star’s DUI case because she had satisfied her probation requirements for those charges. However, the judge has warned that any missed or dirty tests would result in a 30-day jail sentence

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