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Lindsay Lohan in trouble again after baby hit-and-run

Lindsay Lohan in trouble again after baby hit-and-run

Los Angeles, Sep 4, Lindsay Lohan can’t steer clear of trouble. Just days after she was released from a jail and rehab stint, witnesses accused her Friday of hitting a baby stroller with her Maserati and then leaving the scene.

Footage of the immediate aftermath of the incident was posted on RadarOnline.com by a paparazzi. In the video the baby in the stroller appears to be crying while the baby’s nanny pushes the stroller across the street looking back at Lohan’s car.

The incident allegedly occurred Thursday afternoon in the West Hollywood neighbourhood where Lohan lives. The 24-year-old star reportedly turned right from a parking garage in her Maserati and clipped the nanny and baby.

“Lindsay pulled to the right, stopped for two seconds, and then just kept going,” witness Brayan Jaime told RadarOnline.com, in an exclusive interview. “I asked the kid if she was okay and then asked the woman, but she was kind of shocked and didn’t really know what to say and you could tell she was scared.”

Lohan was sentenced earlier this year to 90 days in jail for parole violations stemming from drunk-driving offences. Her current probation requires her to stay clean of alcohol and illegal drugs.

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