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Lennon’s murderer wanted to kill Taylor, Carson

Lennon's murderer wanted to kill Taylor, Carson

Toronto, Sep 17 : Singer John Lennon’s murderer reportedly had veteran actress Elizabeth Taylor and TV host Johnny Carson on his hit list.

Mark David Chapman, who shot Lennon outside his New York home in 1980, is said to have made the revelations during a hearing with a parole board earlier this month, reports torontosun.com.

“I had a list of people and he was at the top of the list, and he seemed more accessible to me…” he said.

“It wasn’t about them, necessarily, it was just about me. It was all about me at the time… If it wasn’t Lennon, it could have been someone else.”

Chapman wanted to become famous for shooting a big star but his plan backfired – and he regrets the “horrible decision” because it only made him a murderer, according to the legal documents which were released Thursday.

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