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Kutcher to testify in ex-girlfriend’s murder trial

London, Dec 21 (IANS) Actor Ashton Kutcher is set to relive the horror of the murder of his former girlfriend as he prepares to testify for the trial.

The 32-year-old star has rarely talked about ex-girlfriend Ashley Ellerin’s violent stabbing in 2001, but has now revealed shocking details of the incident in police testimony ahead of the trial.

Kutcher told officers how he looked through a window and saw a red pool on the floor of -Ellerin’s home on the day she was murdered.

The actor said he thought the mark was red wine, but it was in fact blood from a frenzied attack that had seen Ellerin stabbed 35 times. Her body was lying just out of view, reports mirror.co.uk.

Michael Gargiulo, 34, is accused of murdering Ellerin Feb 21, 2001 and two other women.

Gargiulo had met Ellerin several times and friends say he was infatuated with her. Kutcher received a call from Ellerin, 22, a student and part-time stripper to meet up, but he declined the offer, instead arranging to visit her later that day.

He went her home at around 10.45 p.m. and knocked on the door but got no answer. Prosecutors believe his evidence could be crucial in proving the time of death when the trial begins early next year.

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