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The Prodigy to tour India next year

Mumbai, Sep 28 : English electronic music group The Prodigy are set to tour India in Jan 2011.

Known for composing some of the world’s popular dance tracks like “Firestarter” and “Smack My Bitch Up”, the band’s gigs in India come on the back of their latest album “Invaders Must Die”, which went straight to No.1 on the UK album charts.

The Prodigy will perform in Bangalore Jan 13 and New Delhi Jan 15. Known for their raw, high-energy, adrenaline-pumping live sets, the entirety of The Prodigy live act will be replicated at the Invasion festival giving music lovers the authentic Prodigy experience.

Invasion is a brand new music festival that will bring the best international, contemporary, high energy acts to India.

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