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Hayek’s daughter doesn’t believe in Santa Claus

Hayek's daughter doesn't believe in Santa Claus

Los Angeles, Aug 13 (IANS) Actress Salma Hayek has revealed that her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter refuses to believe in Santa Claus.

The “Grown Ups” star, who has a daughter named Valentina, said, “No matter what I say to her, she just doesn’t buy it, and she’s 2½. I refuse to give it up. I say, ‘There is a Santa Claus,’ and she says, ‘Okay, Mommy. In pretend world, right?’ She really doesn’t believe. There’s nothing I can say to make her believe in Santa Claus.”

Hayek says she’s concerned as she wants her daughter to believe in such characters.

“I’m hoping she’ll believe in fairies because I want her to have some kind of make-believe characters in her life. I don’t know why I have a child like that,” she said.

“I’m hopeful that she’s too young to believe in Santa Claus and, in a year or so, she’ll believe in it, especially because it’s always a great tool for blackmail when you say, ‘If you don’t do this, Santa Claus isn’t going to bring you anything.’ But, right now she doesn’t believe in it,” she added.

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