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Harrison Ford is a director’s ‘quintessential cowboy’

London, Dec 12 (IANS) Hollywood director Jon Favreau has praised his ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ star Harrison Ford as the ‘quintessential cowboy’ and said he was delighted to have him in the film.

Favreau has said he was delighted to sign the 63-year-old for his forthcoming movie alongside ‘James Bond’ star Daniel Craig because he thinks they bring a ‘different aspect of cool’ to the project, reports imdb.com.

‘Having Harrison as part of this, it’s like hiring John Wayne. He is the quintessential cowboy. And then Daniel bringing all that credibility from his take on 007 and the work he’s done before, like ‘Layer Cake’,’ said Favreau.

‘They both bring a different aspect of the cool, calm, collected leading man and playing off that dynamic between them has been a lot of fun,’ he added.

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