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Goat delivers test tube twins

Farah (Uttar Pradesh), Nov 4 (IANS) A goat, which had been artificially implanted with fertilised eggs through in-vitro technique, has delivered twins at a research institute in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura district.

Scientists at the Central Goat Research Institute near here successfully delivered the twins of the goat. The male has been named Ajaat and female Ajaati. The mother goat is from the Sirohi breed, which was found to be the best in combating thermal stress in semi-arid climatic conditions.

Under the Goat Embryos project, the scientists collected eggs from eight goats in the Agra slaughter house. Only two proved successful.

The first test tube baby at the institute in Mathura district was successfully delivered in 2006.

The second successful feat Wednesday opens immense potential for breeding high quality traditional varieties of goats, according to institute Director Devendra Swarup.

The institute was established by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research at Makhdoom village near Farah town July 12, 1979 for undertaking research on all aspects of goat production and utilisation.

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