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Film industry defers strike threat

Mumbai, Dec 29 (IANS) The Film Federation of India Wednesday indefinitely deferred its Jan 6 strike against the proposed amendment to the Copyright Act that mandates producers sharing 50 percent of music royalties with lyricists and composers.

Various sections of the industry threatened a day-long strike Jan 6 to express their disagreement with the proposed Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2010.

‘The government has asked us to sit across the table and speak to the lyricists and the composers and come to a solution which is fair and practical and without jeopardising the interests of both the parties,’ producer Mukesh Bhatt told reporters here.

‘The government said they will not implement anything without listening to both parties. They said they are committed to the principle of justice. This is a very positive thing that has happened and we have now decided to postpone the bandh (strike) till an undecided date,’ he added.

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