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Far East Movement thank Lady gaga

London, Dec 3 (IANS) Music band ‘Far East Movement’ say they owe Lady Gaga a huge thankyou for the part she played in their spurt to chart-busting success.

The four-member band, of ‘Like a G6’ fame, claim that they couldn’t have been such a huge success without the guidance of Lady Gaga.

Kev Nish of the Far East Movement said: ‘We went on tour with her in Japan and she couldn’t have been cooler.

‘She invited us to her studio at the back of the arena and we sat with her and talked for what felt like ages, she so had the persona of Lady Gaga as the fans know her,’ he added.

Nish explained how it was like clockwork to see people who didn’t understand English swaying to Gaga’s music.

‘To see 15,000 Japanese fans who can’t speak English jumping up and down to her music for two hours made us see how music is a universal language,’ he said.

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