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Emma Watson avoided drinking in the US

London, Nov 7 (IANS) ‘Harry Potter’ star Emma Watson, who is currently studying at Brown University in the US, admitted she avoided drinking during her first year of college because she felt it would be wrong to flout American laws.

‘There’s no point getting drunk when you’ve got 10 hours on set the next day and I didn’t drink last year at Brown either because I was underage in America and it would have been disrespectful,’ femalefirst.co.uk quoted Watson, who was legally old enough to consume alcohol in Britain, as saying.

She prefers drinking with a few close friends in privacy compared to drinking in public places.

‘It’s not worth it. You can imagine the fallout, I do have two or three people I can let my hair down with, behind closed doors,’ she said.

The actress describes herself as straight and boring and says she realised at a very young age that she’s responsible for herself.

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