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Emma upset with condition of workers in Dhaka

Emma upset with condition of workers in Dhaka

London, Aug 27:”Harry Potter” star Emma Watson, who has fronted a new advertising campaign for ethical clothing company People Tree, Emma, says visiting garment factories in Dhaka, Bangladesh, was an “upsetting” experience.

“I had some preconceived ideas but nothing prepared me for the reality. It was upsetting to see the conditions in which these people live, but I was incredibly moved by their spirit and friendliness in spite of such apparent adversity,” contactmusic.com quoted her as saying.

“Having seen the slums in Dhaka and the conditions in which these people live and work to produce ‘fast fashion’, I would say to those people that this is not the way we should be making clothes in the modern world,” she added.

Emma’s ad campaign for People Tree follows her collaboration with the brand last year.

The 20-year-old, who first joined forces with the ethical clothing company when she designed a collection for them last year, says the line has expanded and now includes dresses, skirts and shirts made from hand-woven Fair Trade brushed fabric.

“Although I wasn’t centrally involved in the design of this collection, I had great fun in helping People Tree select some gorgeous fair trade textiles, such as a dogtooth hand-woven check, cable knits, and the first Fair Trade hand-woven brushed checked fabric, which has been made into easy tulip skirts, dresses and shirts,” she said.

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