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Courteney Cox focused after separation: Josh Hopkins

London, Nov 22 (IANS) Actress Courteney Cox’s co-star Josh Hopkins has revealed that she is very mellowed and focused after separation from husband David Arquette.

‘She has been very professional about it. She definitely confides in everybody when she needs to talk because we are all friends, but if she didn’t, you would never know from work at all that anything is different,’ okmagazine.com quoted Hopkins as saying.

‘She is so relaxed, she is on point, she is on it, and she is a real pro’s pro,’ he added.

The actor, who plays Cox’s on-screen love interest in ‘Cougar Town’, said that the actress is focused a lot on her daughter, Coco.

‘If Coco is not there, she is always talking to her on the phone. ‘Coco say I love you again. Coco I’ll be home to tuck you into bed.’ They are very close.’

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