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‘Cirque Du Solieil’ show in honour of Michael Jackson

London, Nov 5 (IANS) More than a year after pop icon Michael Jackson’s tragic death, the legendary star will be getting his own ‘Cirque Du Solieil’ show – a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment.

Taking cue from The Beatles, whose ‘Cirque Show Love’ has been an enormous success in Las Vegas, Jackson’s ‘The Immortal World Tour’ will open in Canada next October.

The show, which is a tribute to the king of pop, will feature songs and choreography by Michael Jackson, who died June 25 last year.

It will combine Jackson’s music and choreography with the signature acrobatics of the popular circus troupe.

Touring 27 American and Canadian cities, the production will be directed by Jamie King a choreographer and stage director, who was also a backing dancer for Jackson’s ‘Dangerous’ tour.

‘Everything Michael. Michael’s love of fairy tale, his love of magic and theatricality, his love of music, his love of animals, his love of showmanship,’ dailymail.co.uk quoted King as saying about the show.

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