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Christina Aguilera says she is a survivor

London, Nov 5 (IANS) Christina Aguilera, who filed for divorce from husband Jordan Bratman last month, says she is a fighter and thrives when things go wrong in her life.

Aguilera, who has previously claimed that her father physically abused her as a child, said: ‘I am one of those who is driven by people who tried to push me down, rather than being overcome by it. Even my past with my father and the abuse that went on, I developed a fighter outlook.’

The 29-year-old has recently admitted she is looking for a new love and she explained that sexuality is very important in her life, reports contactmusic.com.

‘Sexuality is such a freedom. Sexuality is where I feel a lot of times I get to express my voice. Throughout the ages, women are always shamed for it or labelled for it and so it makes me feel empowered to give it a voice and to stand up for it and to be strong about it,’ she told Britain’s InStyle magazine.

The singer has a two-year-old son Max with her estranged husband and although she is still focused on her career, she admitted she is looking forward to retirement and grandchildren already.

She said: ‘I hope to be an old woman sitting around in a rocking chair and then I’ll get out all my awards and trophies and grandchildren’s pictures and enjoy them.’

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