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Cheryl Cole turns jewellery designer

Cheryl Cole turns jewellery designer

London, Sep 17, Singer Cheryl Cole has designed a collection of rings for jewellery firm De Grisogono.

Cole has created her own range “Promise”, named after her new single “Promise This”, for the European jewellers.

However, this is not Cheryl’s first collaboration with the high end company. Earlier this year, the “Fight for This Love” hitmaker received $389,575 for a 30-minute performance at a Cannes dinner and party hosted by De Grisogono.

Cheryl has previously spoken about her wish to branch out into design, saying she would love to work on her own clothing range but only when she can find the time to do it all herself.

“I would love to make my own clothing range, but if I did ever do it I would like to put the time and effort in properly and do the whole thing myself,” contactmusic.com quoted her as saying.

“It would probably be a high street collection – I would take inspiration from designer stuff, but turn it into high street. But not right now,” she said.

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