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Beyonce gifts hubby a Bugatti

London, Dec 8(IANS) Beyonce Knowles has gifted her husband Jay-Z a Bugatti Veyron, world’s fastest car, on his 41st birthday.

The rapper already has a vast car collection, but was thrilled with the surprise gift, which Beyonce had to order a year in advance, reports contactmusic.com.

‘Jay-Z has one of the most enviable collections of bling cars in the world, but even for him the Bugatti is special,’ said a source.

‘Obviously, the money isn’t a factor for Beyonce, but he will be touched that out of everything she could have bought him, she chose something he will treasure for years,’ the source added.

Jay-Z, who celebrated his birthday Saturday, is an ambassador for American motor giant GMC and already owns a Maybach 62S, a Ferrari F430 Spider and a Pagani Zonda Roadster.

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