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Beth Ditto in awe of Kate Moss

Beth Ditto in awe of Kate Moss

Beth Ditto in awe of Kate Moss

London, Sep 5 (IANS) Singer Beth Ditto has revealed she is so much in awe of friend Kate Moss than she insists on calling her by her full name.

The “Gossip” singer admits she and the 36-year-old supermodel are close, but she insists on using her full name when they are together as she is still in awe of the British beauty, reports femalefirst,co.uk.

“Oh my God, I still can’t call her by her first name, I’m like, ‘Oh Kate Moss, I can’t go in there’. We’re not super good friends, not because we don’t like each other. We’re in two different circles,” she said.

However, she claims her relationship with the British-born beauty is genuine, as her looks are just one part of her career.

“I do think she’s helped me a lot by being a really cool person. She likes what she likes and she likes who she likes and she just happens to be really gorgeous and good at what she does,” said Ditto.

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