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KITS-86 batch celebrates Silver Jubilee Re-union-2011 in the USA

KITS-86 batch celebrates Silver Jubilee Re-union-2011 in the USA

KITS-86 batch celebrates Silver Jubilee Reunion 2011 in USA Photos

The alumni of 1986 batch Engineering graduates from KITS-Ramtek, popularly known as KITS-86, have recently celebrated their Silver jubilee re-union event, marking 25 years of their journey together. The event was held for two and a half days, started on May 28th and ended on May 30th, at a retreat center near Philadelphia, USA. The location was on a hill top picturesque setting surrounded by plushed meadows and greenery all around. A location that was a perfect setting for such a grand re-union celebration.

The event was officially kicked off on Saturday, May 28th, with a warm and hearty welcome to all classmates, extended by Ramakrishna Anugula and Ravi Verelly. Jayaram Penna then took the charge on stage with anchoring and moderation through the event. As the programs began, the entire atmosphere was filled with peak levels of enthusiasm, energy and cheering all around with about 50 classmates (all Telugu people) from across various locations in the US, gathered at one place to commemorate their college entry back in 1986.

Throughout the event, many of them had a lot to share, going down the memory lane through their 4 years of journey together at Ramtek. The two and half days fun was packed with programs starting with introductions, visuals, playing several indoor and outdoor games including cricket. The cricket game was a highlight, with almost everyone exhibiting the same levels of energy and sporting, reminding their youthful college days.

It was has a hilarious moment as Bhagwan Chinitireddy presented the slide show visuals with several photographs from college days and the previous re-union events from India and the US. Everyone appeared to curiously watch their fond memories and some mischievous acts recollected with laughter and jokes all around.

The amazing set of cultural programs were organized by Sudha, Jyotsna and Sujwala. The highlight was a game show, “How well do you know your friends”, wherein all Kittians had to talk to others for compiling answers to a set of questions. Randomly the people were called on the stage and asked to justify their responses. It was a fun filled game. Later on, a rapid fire game was conducted. The game was designed to share funny things about their best friends from Kittians.

A poetry session moderated by Ravi Verelly and Sadashiv has received great appreciation of their passion towards Telugu literature.

Both the evenings were packed with fun and excitement. Sumptuous dinners from Indian cuisine were served, followed by several events including skits, quiz, dumb charades, music with electrifying dance performances, karaoke and humorous jokes touched everyone.

Besides having fun, there were lot of serious topics for discussion and debate, ranging from their achievements in career life to sharing family stories to their role and involvement in societal transformation.

While some have contributed to promote educational facilities in schools and some of them funded college tuition fees and scholarships in encouraging children into higher education, some have been actively participating in volunteering activities, whereas some continue to donate to orphanage homes.

A few Kittians discussed about past community help and status of present charity work. Kittians have been donating generously to the communities in Andhra Pradesh for the last 15 years. To name a few:

  • KITS86 batch has helped poor Engineering students to complete the studies in AP over the years.
  • They built additional class rooms in Karimnagar district.
  • They added computer equipment in schools in rural areas in Andhra Pradesh.
  • They generously donated funds to build temple in Warangal district.
  • They visited villages in Mahaboobnagar district and distributed rice, blankets, other essential things and money during the floods last year.

Few of the interesting topics presented included the future of Cloud computing by Thirumal Nellutla, Children education in the US and Retirement planning by Venkat Mada, Spirituality and raising children by Bhaskar Kuchana, Community give back by Venumadhav Kolipaka and a slew of other important topics of interest related to Kittians in India and the USA were discussed as well.

Some of the classmates were very excited to share their plans on moving back to India permanently. It was a lively discussion about the pros and cons of such a move and helped everyone to get additional clarity as they make their choices about the future plans.

Finally, a discussion led by Ramesh Ravva on the Charitable programs topic, got the entire group engaged in a discussion on future plans and how Kittians can make a difference in giving back to our communities in Andhra Pradesh. A consensus was arrived to create an official identity and a platform to continue and expand the reach of social and charitable activities in the state of Andhra Pradesh on a broader scale.

The spirit of enjoyment and reverberated throughout the stay. Overall, it was an outstanding event, where the Kittians reunited and re-charged with more commitment and bonding to continue their friendship forever.

The event was concluded by thanking one and all for their whole hearted participation and applauding the organizing committee of volunteers for making the event a grand success.

The Organizing committee members include:
Ramakrishna Anugula, Ravi Verelly, Anil Arrabelli, Ravinder Raghunayakula, Srinivasa Kasimahanthi, Ravinder Nadipally, Karunakar Pabba, Bhagawan Chintireddy, Jayaram Penna, Praveen Shyamala, Thirumal Nellutla, Ramakrishna Beravole, Murthy Valluri, Venumadhav Kolipaka, Venkat Mada, LVN Reddy, Praveen Gujja.

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