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Childrens’ magazine Chandamama to go on line

Childrens’ magazine Chandamama to go on lineChandamama is one of the best known monthly childrens’ magazine published from India. It has stories from Medieval India, typically kings and their stories of bravery and wit. It had quite a few characters that appeared on short comic strips. The magazine has become part of popular culture, and is very popular with younger people.

It is published in 14 languages including English, and has a readership of about 200,000. Good news is that the magazine, right from its first edition of 1947, will soon be made available in the format of year-wise collections.

Geodesic, the Mumbai-based company that acquired Chandamama about a year ago, is making efforts to digitise all the previous editions towards releasing collector’s copies. L. Subramanyan, the CEO of Chandamama said the magazine will go on line soon.

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