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Zokkomon Movie Review

Zokkomon Movie Review

Okay, superhero films are the flavor of the season. The super-success of KRRISH and the tremendous hype for RA.ONE only reiterates this fact. But ZOKKOMON is the first superhero film that has a child actor having super powers and vanquishing the villains with super tricks. What makes this film special, besides the above-mentioned fact, is that it’s a Disney production that’s directed by Satyajit Bhatkal, who was associated with LAGAAN.

ZOKKOMON is like any superhero film, but at the same time, it’s not. Like most superhero films, the superhero here keeps his identity concealed by sporting a mask and wearing a costume. But there’s a difference. He’s not blessed with super powers, yet flies, evaporates into thin air and plays every possible trick that a magician would.

Though Bhatkal has shot the film very well and the production design is up to the mark, he’s letdown, to a major degree, by the writing that doesn’t make the situations appear convincing. There has to be some logic when one shows a kid flying in air and also performing daredevil

Zokkomon Movie Review

stunts. But no explanations are offered. All we are told is that there’s a ‘Magic Uncle’, a scientist, who transforms Darsheel into Zokkomon. Sure, the kids don’t question logic, but this segment of movie-going audience has more questions to ask than the adults.

In a nutshell, this one’s adventurous and fun in parts, not in toto. However, it’s much, much better than the kiddie films the Hindi film industry has churned out in the recent past.

ZOKKOMON tells the story of an ordinary boy who overcomes extraordinary challenges. Kunal [Darsheel Safary] is an orphaned boy, who discovers how cruel life is when he is abandoned by his heartless uncle. Left to fend for himself, Kunal discovers the hero within and begins his journey of Zokkomon.

Director Satyajit Bhatkal presents Darsheel in a character that Hindi film audiences haven’t witnessed before. Though the concept is fresh, the dilapidated mansion in the film reminds you of Vishal Bhardwaj’s MAKDEE. Like I pointed out at the outset, Bhatkal has executed the film like an accomplished storyteller, but how one wished the written material was equally arresting. Besides, the film could’ve done without a few songs. Cinematography is eye-catching, while the effects are well implemented.

Zokkomon Movie Review

Darsheel, who impressed us with his sensitive performance in TAARE ZAMEEN PAR and also BUMM BUMM BOLE, retains the innocence that this character demands. He looks cute in a superhero costume. Anupam Kher is fantastic in both the roles – the evil uncle and the scientist [for which he had to change his looks]. The prosthetics and makeup is impeccable and it’s difficult to recognize the actor initially. Manjari Fadnis leaves a strong impression, especially in the sequence when she confronts Anupam. Tinnu Anand does a fine job, while the two kids, Darsheel’s friends, are delightful.

On the whole, ZOKKOMON is for the kids mainly.

The Rating
2 out of 5

Review By Taran Adarsh
Source by :http://www.bollywoodhungama.com

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