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Zanjeer Remake:Sanjay Dutt Replaces Arjun Rampal

Zanjeer Remake:Sanjay Dutt Replaces Arjun Rampal

Ram Charan’s Zanjeer remake is getting bigger by day in terms of cast. Sanjay Dutt has now replaced Arjun Rampal to play the iconic Sher Khan originally played by Pran.

Arjun Rampal was initially selected, as he reprised another iconic role played by Pran in Don, in its remake by Farhan Akhtar. However, since the shooting schedule for Zanjeer remake is re-cast to suit Ram Charan to shoot for his two Telugu films also, Arjun has to opt out, as he has given the dates to Nikhil Advani’s film. He was to shoot in July-August.

Sanjay Dutt is now quite lean and fit and his performance in Agneepath remake is a revelation. He is also likely to impress everyone in his upcoming film Son of Sardaar.

In the Zanjeer remake, Sanjay Dutt and Ram Charan have a shirtless fist-to-fist fight. Director  Son of Sardaar is on record saying the script for the remake is completely re-written though the principal characters remain the same.

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