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Yuktaa Mookhey to marry Prince Tuli

Yuktaa Mookhey to marry Prince TuliYukta Mookhey, 29, had a bleak run in Bollywood after she became Miss World in 1999. Her last release, Mem-sahab — Lost In A Mirage bombed at the box office. She was also not seen in the Mumbai social circuit. But she sprang a surprise when she showed up for the Azeem Khan fashion show. She was in the company of a handsome man

According to reports, Yukta’s escort was Prince Tuli, 36, a financial analyst from New York whose family owns a business empire in central India that runs into hotels and resorts, schools and colleges, malls and motors. Not much else is known of him, not even whether Prince Tuli belongs to any of the erstwhile royal families of the country or Prince is just his name.

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