Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review

Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review

Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review

The Film

Yuganiki Okkadu is a big budget film with the present day coming face to face with a historical incident.

The Synopsis

World renowned archeologist Chandramouli (Prathap Pothan) disappears while working at a particular area.which was once ruled by the Chola Dynasty.

Anitha Pandiyan (Reema Sen) is appointed by the Government to search for the missing archeologist. She is accompanied by a group of government officials, Dr. Lavanya (Andrea Jeremiah) daughter of Chandramouli, an army commando troupe lead by Ravisekharan (Azhagam Perumal) and a group of porters lead by Sugumaran Muthu (Karthi Sivakumar),

Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review

Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review

In 1279 AD, when the decimation of the Chola dynasty seems imminent because of the invasion by the Pandya King, the Chola prince is sent away along with some citizens to a secret place to hide. This is the same place where archeologist Chandramouli disappeared in the present times.

Anitha, Dr. Lavanya, Ravisekharan and Muthu are on a voyage to an island Mingua where they are faced with the seven traps laid by the Cholas: sea creatures, cannibals, warriors, snakes, hunger, quick sand and a village full of black magic. Then they find a primitive tribe of Tamils ruled by a king (R. Parthiban) who belonged to the Chola dynasty.

Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review

Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review

The discovery this tribe leads to a different level of encounter that leads to an interesting clomax.

The Performances

Karthi Sivakumar is very good in his role. Reema Sen and Andrea justify their meaty roles. Azhagam Perumal is effective as the army commander. Parthiban as the tribal king is convincing.

The Techniques

By connecting modernity, history and mythology in the story director Selvaraghavan delivers a film with epic proportions with lots of special visual effects. Some scenes are very thrilling. The war scenes are very effective. Music is pleasing. Cinematography and sound design are good. The production values are very high.

Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review

Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review

The Verdict

Yuganiki Okkadu is worth watching for the lavish presentation, the special visual effects and an interesting style of presentation.

The Cast and Crew

Karthi Sivakumar, Reema Sen, Andrea Jeremiah, Parthiban, Prathap Potzhan, Azhagam Perumal, and others

Art : T. Santhanam

Music: G.V. Prakash

Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review

Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review

Cinematography: Ramji

Visual Effects : Prime Focus

Editing: Kola Bhaskar

Associate Director : Aishwarya Dhanush

Produced By : R. Ravendran

Story, screenplay & Direction: Selvaraghavan

The Rating

3 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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6 Responses to “Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review”

  1. sandeep says:

    This movie Kept me entertained and excited from beggining to end….Amazing movie….
    the movie starts on with lots of fun
    It is a Treat for my eyes as it
    took us to an Unexplored world…
    Every one in the movie has done justice to their role. technically sound movie which deserves applauds.

  2. suhas says:

    technical work is good but movie is not at all good…..waste and story is unclear

  3. Lovely says:

    This movie is superb, extra-ordinary…….
    Feel excited watching this movie,,,,

  4. Ishika says:

    A bit of first few minutes and second half missed on clarity. The dessert scene was brillant. Good music

  5. Sa says:

    Such a waste movie… big headache.

  6. Kiran Chikkala says:

    different movie….