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Yamudiki Mogudu Movie Review

Yamudiki Mogudu Movie Review

Allari Naresh, Richa Panay’s hilarious entertainer ‘Yamudiki Mogudu’ hit the theatres on today in a grand manner. E.Satti Babu is directing this film in which Shinde is playing the role of Yama and Ramya Krishna his wife. Koti is the music director for the film produced by Chanti Addala. Let us see how Naresh entertained as Yamudiki Mogudu


Naresh (Allari Naresh) keeps trying to pass intermediate exams from ages and he does stage plays to keep himself busy. Because of unknown magical powers that he poses, yama’s daughter Yamaja (Richa) comes to bhoolokam from yamalokam. During a stage play Naresh and Richa gets married, slowly both love each other. When everything is going fine in Naresh life Yamadarmaraja (sayaji Shinde) comes to know about his daughter marriage. He lands from yamalokam and takes her back, even though she do not prefer to come. What unknown magical power does Naresh poses? How did he get and use those powers? Did he get back his wife from yamalokam? Has to be seen on silver screen.

Plus Points

Allari Naresh has done a very good job in the movie.

Richa Panai glamorous appearance

‘Attho Attamma Koothuro’ song has been shot well.

Minus Points

Very slow in the second half

Heavy sentiment without proper emotional justification,

Weak climax


E.Sattibabu did prepare good storyline and the film’s first half takes off in hilarious manner. it has a good and entertaining first half but the movie is let down badly by a poor second half. Allari Naresh, Master Bharath and Krishna Bhagawan have done a good job in the comedy department. A weak climax, sentimental overdose and slow narration spoil the flavour in the second half. Overall, the movie ends up as a decent one time watch.

Directed by E. Satti Babu

Produced by Chanti Addala

Written by Kranti Reddy Nakinaala

Screenplay by E. Satti Babu

Story by Jaya Siddu

Starring Allari Naresh,  Richa Panai,  Sayaji Shinde, Ramya Krishna

Music by Koti

Cinematography Ravindra Babu

Editing by Gautham Raju

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The Rating
2.5 out of 5

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