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Yamaho Yamaha Movie Review

Yamaho Yamaha Movie Review

Puri Jagannath who is keen on presenting his brother Sai Ram Shankar a grand hit,placed him under Jitender’s direction.This time they have selected story of ‘Yama’ which fascinated movie lovers for years. Let us see how their latest venture ‘Yamaho Yama’ fared at the theaters today.


Balu(Sai Ramn Shankar) is turned Yama’s devotee right from the childhood and was even sent to overseas so that astrologers forecast that he would die at the age of 25yrs. Yama at the same time was forced by his wife to descend down to earth to bring change in their one and only devotee Balu who makes his livelihood by cheating others in US.
As Yama(Srihari) fails in all his attempts, he in his last ditch attempt makes Balu fall in love with Swapna(Parvathi Melton) who is inturn loved by a rowdy sheeter called Zinda. Whether Balu survives life’s scare or astrologer’s prediction turn true should be enjoyed on silver screen.


Sai Ram Shankar is ok but he needs to improve a lot to go to the next level. Parvathi Melton did not look like heroine material and is a big minus in the film. Srihari did not live up to the expectations in the role of Yama. Siva Reddy failed to entertain movie lovers with his comedy.


Director Jitender completely failed in attracting viewers with his story and screenplay. He infact failed miserably in extracting minimum performances from the cast and even the technical crew.There are many loopholes in the film that can’t be discussed in oneline.


Production values are below standards. Mahati’s music and BGM is not that attractive. Editing and Cinematography also competed with eachother in giving substandard outcome.

Final Cut

Yamaho Yama lacks basic ingredients to attract movie lovers.

Directed by Y: Jitender
Produced by G:Vijay Kumar
Written by Y: Jitender
Starring Sairam Shankar:Parvati Melton,Srihari,Sanjjanaa
Music by: Mahathi
Cinematography: Bharani K Dharan
Editing by Marthand K: Venkatesh
Distributed by: GVK Arts
Country: India
Language: Telugu

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