Writ petition against RGV’s Raksha dismissed

Writ petition against RGV’s Raksha dismissed

Writ petition against RGV’s Raksha dismissed

A Bench of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday dismissed the writ petition filed challenging the action of the Central Film Censor Board in certifying the Telugu film Raksha produced by Ram Gopal Varma.

The Bench comprising Chief Justice A.R. Dave and Justice R. Subhash Reddy was dealing with a writ petition filed by Jana Vignana Vedika.

The petitioner contended that the film glorified witchcraft which would affect society. The Bench dismissed the case as it was not the forum for such complaints.

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  1. praveenben says:

    Praveenben’s 10 questions to Jana Vignana Vedika. (JVV)

    Discussion is going on in a television on the occasion of recent solar eclipse day.

    There was another discussion on the controversial remarks of china jiyyar swamy and once again there was sweeping and sarcastic comments by a Doctor who is a representative of the JVV.

    1. Whether the members of The JVV perform religious rituals on the eve of their housewarming ceremony?

    2. Whether the members of the JVV follow the vaastu when constructing their houses?

    3. Whether the members of the JVV search for a good day (manchi roju and Muhurtham) whenever they are attempting any important venture? Why the scientists perform rituals to inaugurate or commence scientific ventures?

    4. Do the members of the JVV have full satisfaction about their achievements in their life? How do they cope up with failures?

    5. Why all the highly educated and a knowledgeable people are unable to explore their full potential? What is blocking their progress?

    6. What is your opinion on Extra sensory Perceptions like Psycho kinesis (Moving objects with mind) Telepathy (telepathy is the direct transference of thought from one person to another person without using normal sensory channels) Retro cognition (knowledge of past events without having had access to information about those)?

    6. Do you have belief in the music therapy? Do you practice meditation? What is your stress relief mechanism?

    7. Have you, being atheist, felt any vacuum in your life? Are you feeling alone some times? Who is your real companion at the times of distress?

    8 Will laughter cures the disease? What do you want to say on many documented accounts miraculous cures?

    10. How do you find answers to the basic questions of human being? I.e what is death? What happens to our life energies after death?

    I am not here to criticize the JVV nor support the conventional religious rituals.

    It is better to realize that science and religion complements each other. Proponents of these respective groups stop fighting each other. It is better to work together for the benefit of humanity at large.

    Please read my complete blog post here.. http://praveen-ben.blogspot.com/2009/08/praveenbens-10-questions-to-jana.html