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Will PVC join Puli and Khaleja list?

Will PVC join Puli and Khaleja list?

Everyone wondered how producer Singanamala Ramesh Babu survived with two big flops in 2010. Maddelacheruvu Suri’s murder has thrown some light into financial dealings of Ramesh Babu.

As per preliminary investigation Ramesh Babu took finance from Suri. It is not clear how much Ramesh Babu and C Kalyan owe to deceased Suri.

C Kalyan’s next movie Parama Veera Chakra is ready for release next week. Ramesh Babu reportedly surrendered some of his properties in Bengaluru and Hyderbad to Suri. C Kalyan on the other hand pinning all his hopes on Balakrishna starrer Parama Veera Chakra.

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