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Will other flop directors confess?

Will other flop directors confess?

The director Krishna Vamsi wrapped sympathy from all corners after making an open confession that his ‘ego’ and ‘adamant attitude’ was the reason behind his continuous flops. His life was distressed just before the golden opportunity came his way from Charan.

“Krishna Vamsi’s admittance publicly was a surprise and bound to gather empathy, since he sounded like a normal human being who makes mistake and then rectify it and also displayed a fighting spirit in a adverse situation” says another director.

In this bad face, Krishna Vamsi lost respect among big stars as well from smaller stars and more importantly, even lost connect with viewers too. It’s time for other directors to open and set right their careers.

Now, taking this open confession as a hint to bounce back, will other directors going flop in industry claims similar assertions to gain hearts?

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