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Why Their Episode on Hold?

Why Their Episode on Hold?

ETV is the most trusted of all Telugu entertainment channels. The much hyped talk show ‘Soundrya Lahari’ is telecasted on this channel. But these days a question that is lingering our mind is that why a particular episode of the show is on hold.
We are talking about the episode in which the controversial director Ram Gopal Verma came on the show along with beautiful Sridevi. Updates say that this episode was shot on 18th September. The host of the show K Raghavendra Rao has revealed it on twitter. But for unknown reasons the show has not been aired yet.
It was heard that last week superstar Krsihna appeared on the show and it will be aired soon. This was revealed by Raghavendra Rao himself but we wonder what happened to episode of RGV-Sridevi. Both of them are nowadays trapped in legal matters so, if the episode airs now then it will get huge TRP. But it is still unknown why their episode is in a halt.

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