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Why Superstar Rajnikanth was Nervous?

Why Superstar Rajnikanth was Nervous?

On Monday at the curtain-raiser of Telugu version of ‘Lingaa’, Superstar Rajinikanth said romancing Sonakshi Sinha in movie was a challenge. The superstar said he didn’t feel so nervous even on the first time he faced the camera.
Rajinikanth said that, The worst punishment god can give actors like me who are in their 60s is to sing duets. I found shooting duets with Sonakshi more challenging than doing stunts atop a moving train in the film”.
He further added, “Even in my first film, I didn’t feel so nervous as much as I did when I had to romance her. I’ve known Sonakshi as a baby, and she has grown up together with my daughters”.
He feel same for t Anushka Shetty who is also the female lead in the film.

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