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Why Should Movie Lovers Pay More Mediocre Films?

Why Should Movie Lovers Pay More Mediocre Films?

Influential persons in the Tollywood industry for long have been lobbying hard to increase the theatre prices in Andhra Pradesh citing various reasons like increase in cost of film making etc etc. However many movie lovers are left to wonder why should they pay more for mediocre films. It is a known fact that of the films released in Tollywood except for 10% of films all others are mediocre.

Even the films which are touted to be hits and super hits all of them are only made keeping in view fans of the star heroes. So all those are nothing but routine entertainers. Many people are questioning why should they pay for mindless and senseless films when entire film industry is opposing vehemently the slight increase of VAT by Govt picturing as if world would come to end if they pay the increased taxes.

Many are questioning the dual mind set of the Tollywood industry visa vis people and movie lovers. The expect movie lovers to pay more but they don’t want to shell out anything from their pocket

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