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Why Shilpa Was ‘Frustrated’?

Why Shilpa Was 'frustrated'?

Actress Shilpa Shukla was in undated with roles in “horror and sex films” leaving her “frustrated” after essaying a seductress in “B.A. Pass“.

“B.A. Pass” saw the actress in her boldest avatar which, dealt with the subject of male prostitution.
Shilpa told to the reporter, “Initially yes, they did start coming in – offers for horror films and sex films, where one is not sure that they can get into a B-grade or C-grade category…so, four months after ‘B.A. Pass’ released, I was frustrated that why are only these kind of films coming to me”.
“B.A. Pass” was directed by Ajay Bahl and the film was released in August 2013.
The actress is now doing a Sujoy Ghosh film and she has just finished shooting a film produced by PrakashJha.

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