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Why Nayantara Asked Young Director To Leave?

Why Nayantara Asked Young Director To Leave?

A recent happening has become the hot topic to discuss in Kollywood. A young director approached Nayantara with a story. It is said that after listening to the director, Nayantara simply asked the young director to leave.

Now, the question is why Nayantara became so irritated that she asked the director to leave the place? As per our sources revealed, the young director came with a script that had a story of the earliest days of filmmaking.

According to the script, Nayantara had to marry an old man (Thyagarajan) and later fall in love with the secretary of her husband which will be played by Prithviraj.

The script was full of steamy scenes of Nayantara with both the male actors.

After listening to the script, Nayantara was irritated and asked the director to leave.Nayantara is a top actress in Tamil industry and had her bag full of offers with Simbhu, Arya, Dhanush and other leading actors.

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