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Who will direct Gabbar Singh 2?

Who will direct Gabbar Singh 2?

The sources from Industry say that director Sampath Nandi is under risk after his name has been associated with ‘Gaalipatam’. They also claim that his chances to direct Pawan Kalyan in Gabbar Singh 2 are now minimized.

The director made big statement by taking full responsibility of the result of ‘Gaalipatam’, either success of failure. He made this statement before the movie was released. He could have only opted to become producer as his big name in the industry would have been saved.

People close to Pawan, could direct him beside Sampath and show the deprived response for “Gaalipatam” since big stars are fairly receptive about such issues. Or will Pawan will just overrule all these and give his green signal to Sampath for “Gabbar”. Will it cost a him a project on not, we’ll know in few weeks.

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