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Who Is The Mastermind Before The Decisions Of Sai Dharam Tej

Who Is The Mastermind Before The Decisions Of Sai Dharam Tej

Sai Dharam Tej, nephew of Mega Star Chiranjeevi, is almost on tenterhooks as he is getting ready to wait for the release of ‘Supreme’ and its result. However, people around him opine that Sai Dharam Tej is become more competent in taking decisions regarding the story and its movement. All his decisions are appreciable. Now, the point here is that who is helping him in taking such decisions or is he alone taking such decisions have become the million dollar question. If it is Mega family who is behind all the directions, another question arises why the Mega family is avoiding Varun Tej. So it is not Mega family who is behind such decisions. However, there were rumours that Dil Raju’s mastermind is behind them. He gave moderate hits like ‘Rey, Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham and Subrahmanyam for Sale’ and the different titles made the people to watch the movies more interestingly. His latest films with the titles ‘Supreme and Tikka’ are also different and interesting. ‘Aakatayi’ is the title under consideration for his upcoming film under the direction of Gopichand Malineni, which is again an interesting title. Let us wait and watch whether his upcoming films would also be hits because of different titles. Stay glued for more info about his forthcoming movies

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