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Whitney Houston Is No More: Bollywood Pays homage

Whitney Houston Is No More: Bollywood Pays homage

Pop diva Whitney Houston died in her hotel room in Beverly Hills on the eve of the Grammy Awards function. The singer, 48, was known for her songs like I Wanna Dance With Somebody, When You Believe and I Have Nothing To Lose among many others. She was known to be a drug addict, which caused her downfall as a singer in the recent years.
Bollywood was shocked at the sudden demise of Whitney Houston.
Shah Rukh Khan
“and v waste so much time on inconsequential aspects of life. criticism..cynicism…voyeuristic.live ur life so u don’t miss it.whitney r.i.p”

Akshay Kumar
“The loss of one of the greatest voices of all time!! R.I.P. Whitney Houston. I will always love you. Another sad news this morning. Such things sometimes make you think how much for granted we take our lives… ”

Priyanka Chopra
“LA bound..the Grammys will be sad.. Such a tremendous loss to the world ..”there can be miracles..when u believe.. somehow u will”thank u. “Bitter sweet..memories..that is all..I’m taking..with me..so goodbye..pls don’t cry”RIP Whitney..u made me believe in magic and dreams.. ”

Bipasha Basu
“I will always love you’! Whitney Houston’s powerful voice will stay with us forever!RIP Whitney Houston! ”

“and I ….will always love you…” good night and good luck Whitney Houston…what a terrible tragedy. Gone too soon:( RIP ”

Celina Jaitly
“Just heard the unbelievable news of whitney H’s death,how very tragic.. She gave us beautiful music & left with so much music still within”

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