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When Superstar Surprised Sanjay Dutt

When Superstar Surprised Sanjay Dutt

Many things have been said and written about Super Star Rajinikanth but hearing is onething and experiencing is another thing as it has that surprise element atached to it. Bollywood action hero Sanjay Dutt was in for such surprise when he was shooting for Police Giri in Chennai.

Out of bolt from blue he got a call from Superstar Rajanikanth and there he was given warm welcome with flowers and a gift pack for his kids. An insider recollects “Sanjay’s father, late Sunil Dutt, had a great rapport with the southern star and knows Sanjay since his early days. When Sanjay was in Chennai, Rajinikanth learnt about the shooting and invited the actor home. Sanjay didn’t waste any time and went to his residence right after the pack up.”

Source recollects that as soon as Sanjay reached Rajani’s house, superstar hugged him and enquired about shoot and even asked him to call for any help. Sanjay was accompanied by director KS.Ravikumar and producer Rahul Agarwal. Insiders reveal Rajani’s family clicked snaps with the actor.

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