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When Ajay Devgn kicked Paresh Rawal

When Ajay Devgn kicked Paresh Rawal

It seems Ajay Devgn took his role in “Aakrosh” too seriously and ended up kicking co-star Paresh Rawal.

Based on honour killing, “Aakrosh” will see Paresh Rawal as a cop. The film also stars Bipasha Basu and Akshaye Khanna.

While shooting, there was a scene which required Ajay to kick Paresh, who was seated on a revolving chair. But as the camera rolled, Ajay got so much in character that he hit Paresh so hard that he fell down. Later Paresh was in pain.

Ajay immediately apologised, but it was all taken in good humour by Paresh.

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