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What Ram Charan Said about linkup with Neha Sharma?

What Ram Charan Said about linkup with Neha Sharma?

During the making of ‘Chirutha’ there were the rumors of Ram Charan Teja linkup with actress Neha Sharma. Talking about it the actor revealed that he was a bit shocked. But his family and friends asked him not to worry about the rumors since this industry is made up of them.

In an interview the happening mega hero gave pretty good insights about his inside.
When asked about in light of gossips of crippling personal lives Ram Charan answered, “It is our responsibility to give that confidence to our wives. It is my duty to not bring a situation to my wife about protecting me from other girls”. The actor simply quashed rumors from the past about his secret marriage and Honeymoon with Neha Sharma. He said, “My dad asked me to not take those rumors seriously. At that time Upasna is my best friend, and even she knows that there is nothing such”

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