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What Raima Said about Extra Marital Affairs?

What Raima Said about Extra Marital Affairs?

Actress Raima Sen plays an important role in ‘Ishq Kabhi Kariyo Na’. The film is based on extra marital affairs. The actress says it would be unwise to say such illicit love affairs don’t exist in society.
The film which also features Prateik Babbar is directed by Rana Bhatia. She is confident about the film connecting well with viewers.

Raima said, “Audiences are ready to accept such subjects, it also happens in reality. It would be stupid to say that extramarital affairs do not exist in our society”.
She further added, “I feel people will relate to the film and they should come and watch the film.”

Raima shares a good rapport with her co-star Prateik. She said, “I know Prateik personally. We are friends. He is a very good actor and we shared a good chemistry on-screen and it’s really good working with Prateik.”

She is essaying the role of a married woman, who is madly in love with her husband and also very rich then Prateik’s character enters her life. When Prateik enters her life is a mystery.

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