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What makes Dasari give a ‘Kick’ to Ileana?

What makes Dasari give a ‘Kick’ to Ileana?

What makes Dasari give a ‘Kick’ to Ileana?

Tollywood beauty Ileana, who is flying high in the clouds with her latest hit film ‘Kick,’ had a bitter experience at a location of film shooting. Veteran Director Dasari Narayana Rao and Producer Rama Naidu were invited to grace the ‘Muhuratam-shot’ of a film, for where Ileana was also present.

When Director Dasari Narayana Rao introduced her to Rama Naidu, she just says ‘Hi,’ instead of saying ‘Namaste’ to him. Dasari who have high respects for Rama Naidu was raged with the way she wished him. The angry Dasari bashed her, ‘Don’t you know who he is? Is it the way to wish a senior most Producer like him? Don’t you know to say ‘Namaste’ to elders? Is it the way your parents brought up you? First learn these simple things and then think about your career.’

Ileana was stunned for a while for the unexpected bashing in the presence of all the unit members, and say sorry to him before she disappeared from the sets.

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